The girl who became a moon

Have you ever thought about what the first menstruation would be like if it were lived as a ritual of honor and love for the body we inhabit?

In many traditions, Menarche is considered a rite of passage, the moment when a girl becomes a woman. This book, “The Girl Who Became Moon,” comes to tell us ancestral wisdom – ancient memories, long forgotten and silenced – from a time when we felt the honor, power and pride of inhabiting a female body. .

What will you tell your girl when she menstruates for the first time?

It is a children's and adolescent book about a girl's first menstruation, but it offers wisdom for all bodies: those who are close to that moment, those who have just gone through it or already did it a long time ago, those who want to understand more about the universe of cyclicity from a language adapted to all audiences 🩸.

This book is written by Morena Cardoso and illustrated by Julia Vargas. Originally in Portuguese, we now also have it available in Spanish, Basque and English.