What is the
Lunar Mandala?

The Lunar Mandala is a diary, agenda and book, created by and for Women, with the purpose of facilitating a greater connection with our body and also with the Earth and natural cycles, rescuing and uniting traditional and contemporary knowledge, art and self-knowledge in a healing and transformative tool for Women. The Mandala is organized from the union of the solar and lunar calendar, which offers a greater connection and perception of the natural cycles that manifest within and outside of us.

The purpose of the Lunar Mandala is to sow knowledge aimed at women and, based on a spiritual vision and values of Be careful with Life and the Earth, provide self-knowledge and healing; and contribute to the construction of a culture with the collaboration and the love as fundamental principles.

The Mandala includes a lunar diagram, a tool for daily recording of the physical, emotional and energetic sensations that circulate within us, helping us focus attention and awareness in our own experiences. The registration is done using personalized colors and symbols, which will help you understand your internal cycles and oscillations; and to identify patterns in relation to the Moon. The Lunar Mandala also contains texts about the Moon, the solstices and equinoxes; the archetypes of the menstrual cycle, the perception of fertility, medicinal plants and content to celebrate cultural diversity. The agenda is organized from lunations, instead of months; and throughout the Mandala, events from the Sun, Moon and Venus in the signs of the zodiac, highlighting the days of the goddesses and festivals of various traditions.

The Lunar Mandala was first released in Brazil and, every end of the year, women throughout the country acquire and resell the book in their networks and circles, thus carrying out an organic and systemic distribution of this tool, outside the structure of large bookstores and stores. This form of distribution in networks strengthens relationships between women, creates ties and spaces for connection and creation together, including meeting circles throughout the country.

In 2021, the Lunar Mandala arrived in the northern hemisphere, thanks to MAWU, and Argentina through Cyclical and Lunar, to expand our support networks and bring this powerful transformation tool to more Women around the world. In 2022, Mawu offers the version for the Northern Hemisphere in both Spanish and Portuguese.