We are Mawu

Delighted by him self-knowledge and ancestral and contemporary knowledge, We were born to share with you tools and experiences that invite us to get to know each other. We place the self study from our internal cycles and of the nature as a fundamental source to generate awareness about oneself and about reality.

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In Mawu, you will have access to ideas, content, tools and experiences that seek to help us rescue the connection with our cycles, the awareness about the importance of taking care of ourselves but also of the collective.

In 2021 we begin this adventure by sharing the Lunar Mandala. It is a diary book originally created in Brazil, where it is in its 8th edition and has already reached the hands of more than 80,000 people around the world. The artistic, textual and concept conception are the result of the collaboration of three friends: Ieve Holthausen, Naíla Andrade and Victoria Campello, from Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil.

Mawu was born to make this powerful tool cross the pond and also be available in Spanish for the northern hemisphere. In 2022 we launch to offer the northern hemisphere version in both Spanish and Portuguese. And with the 2023 edition, we continue with the purpose of making the Lunar Mandala and ancestral and contemporary knowledge increasingly accessible, affordable and always available.

On this path that we have been sowing, we have nurtured a new collaboration. We have translated the book 'A Menina que Virou Lua', also of Brazilian origin, into Spanish, Basque and English. This beautiful children's and adolescent book comes to tell us ancestral wisdom - ancient memories, long forgotten and silenced -, from a time when we felt the honor, power and pride of inhabiting a female body. Written by Morena Cardoso and illustrated by Julia Vargas, it is undoubtedly a transformative tool for those who want to know more about menarche.

We are a global network that grows every day, where the main objective is to sow knowledge about ourselves and, based on a comprehensive vision and values of care for Life and the Earth, provide self-knowledge, healing and contribute to a culture of collaboration and love as fundamental principles.
Thank you for supporting our initiatives.
With love,
Leire and Mayte